102ID Group (Yahoo)

102ID Group (Yahoo)

A site has been set up at Yahoo for the group to send messages, share photos, etc. It is for members of the 102nd and/or their families only. If you or someone in your family was part of the 102nd Infantry, please visit this page and request to become a member of the group. As a member, when you send a message to the group, it automatically goes to all group members email plus into an archive. Messages can only be sent by member but anyone on the internet can read the archive where all messages will be stored. There are also photo galleries that you as a member can set up and upload your photos to share with all in the group. Please visit the Yahoo 102 ID Group using the link below and check it out. The more that join the group, the more fun you will have sharing stories and photos.

You will have to be a member of Yahoo to take advantage of these features. It is free and easy to join. Click the button below and then click the Join Group icon to sign up for a free Yahoo account, so that you may participate.

Join the 102ID Yahoo Group!

Note: As much as we would love to post on this site every photo of an Ozark loved one we recieve, it just isn’t possible at this time.

If you have photos that you would like to share we encourage you to join the Yahoo 102 ID Group using the link above to post your photos and memories.