Ozarks 405th Infantry Picture Gallery

My late father, Fredrick S. (Fred) Myers, was a member of the 405th Infantry, "I" Company. He served in the 102 ID with pride and distinction, leaving the Army as a staff sergeant. Up until his passing in 2005, he and his wife Karen were pretty faithful attendees of the 405th reunions. The two photo galleries being presented here are most definitely random in nature, scanned from the originals in my small collection of Dad's wartime memorabilia. Some of the photos have notes in his handwriting, but I decided to let the photos speak for themselves. Besides, cursive writing was never Pop's strong suit, so many of the inscriptions were beyond my ability to translate! In several of the pics, you will notice recurring faces of men who remained friends of Dad's throughout his lifetime. Enjoy!

- Tim Myers, Ozarks Webmaster

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