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Information on books that have been published by members of the 102nd Infantry Division themselves, or by their families and friends.

Foxhole Memoirs A to Z

By Homer V. Wagnon, Jr.

Homer Vaughn Wagnon, Jr. describes his experience in World War II
as a rifleman in the 102nd ‘Ozark’ Infantry Division.

SBN: Hardcover 978-1-304-17613-4
Copyright August 2013

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With the 102d Infantry Division Though Germany

By Major Allan H. Mick

Official U.S. Army History of the 102nd Infantry Division in WWII

Washington, Infantry Journal Press
Library of Congress # 47026697 , Copyright 1947

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Not to Reason Why

By Glenn W. Fisher

The Story of a One-Eyed Infantryman in World War II

Library of Congress # 2002092228, Copyright 2002
ISBN: Hardcover, 1-410-5926-0 | Softcover, 1-410-5925-2

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A Thousand Letters Home

Compiled by Teresa K. Irish

One WWII Soldier’s Story of War, Love and Life
The Correspondence of Aarol W. “Bud” Irish

LCCN: 2011918796, First Printing Dec. 2011
ISBN: Hardcover, 978-9839553-1-3 | Softcover, 978-9839553

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From the Great Depression to World War II

By Joseph Szalay

LCCN: 2001099207 ISBN: Hardcover, 1-56311-7770

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