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Sue westerbergHennywest@yahoo.comUSA
I fondly remember all the east coast reunions I see familiar faces in the 2005 pictures I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers Labor Day in Bethel, Ct
Patrick Davispad022878@gmail.comPensacola
Lawrence Patterson Jr served with 102nd Jan 1945, Sargent, squad leader. Passed away at age 92, on November 4, 2017. I am his son in law (Patrick Davis) and wanted to inform his unit. I was very proud of him as I am making a short documentary of his service for YouTube now. Would like to subit later if possible.
Bruce Kolkebeckbkolback@gmail.comSalisbury
My dad is Kenneth Kolkebeck, Sgt. 405th 3rd Battalion, Company I, 1st Platoon has not heard from his buddy Bert Diamond in a while. If anybody has some information to share on Bert's situation please let me know at bkolback@gmail.com. Thanks
Bruce Kolkebeckbkolback@gmail.comSalisbury
My Dad, Sgt. Kenneth Kolkebeck 405, Co.I, 1st Plt. is alive and well in Salisbury, NC. He waited until his 90's to talk about his war experiences but when he does the memories come back strong. He wishes all well that are still with us and he misses those who aren't.
Paula Bennettpbennett1000@gmail.comUSA
Wonderful website. My dad, the late James R. Vandenberg was the the GI who did the maps and the color illustrations in "The 102nd thru Germany brochure" I did not know this work existed until today. Thank you for your service to our nation and the world'
Theron P. Snell Ph.Dtpsnell@gmail.comAlbuquerque
Hello: I am researching the area around Mariadorf, the coal mine and slag pile at nearby Mariagrube, Germany in 1944-45. As I understand it, the 406th was in the area briefly in early November 1944 relieving elements of the 30th Division. I would like to read the late October-early November S-3 journal of the 406th to see if there are any references to the area at all during this period. I would be ESPECIALLY interested if there are any comments/memories about this time in the 406th in your archives. Most of what I have found so far focus on the period later in the month of November or even later. Can you help ? I will add that once the 117th infantry took this area on November 16th 1944, my father's outfit (the 978th Engineer Maintenance Company ) pulled into the mine at Mariagrube. Thank you. Theron P. Snell, Ph.D tpsnell@gmail.com
John Killionbuddhaman1952@yahoo.comGrafton
Arthur Killion was my fathers 1st cousin. He was KIA in 1945
Vincent L. ArlottaVictoryRider110@aol.comHawley
My father served in WW 11 as a Staff Sergeant.He was active in the Ozarks reunions through out the years. He passed away at the age of 89.
Robert Perkioniemirperkioniemi@sbcglobal.netRiverside
My dad Vaino Perkioniemi served with 102nd Division during World War II
Alex Seligselig.alex@yahoo.comSycamore
Found a postcard in my late grandmothers photo album from a man named E.F. Peterson from Div. HQ of the 102nd. In the corner is scribbled Emil which might be his first name. My dad thinks this may be one of her uncles. If anyone has any information on him please email me! Thanks for all you guys do for the ozarks! Alex Selig
Royce Fosterrfoster4143@gmail.comUSA
My father Charles William Foster was stationed at Camp Maxey and served in Europe. I was born in Paris Texas while he was there.
Ron Hampernhampe@gmail.comUSA
My father Fred Hampe served in Company K of the 102nd. We went to the several of the reunions including the last one several years ago and Dad 91 yrs. old now would like to know how many of the men he served with are still living. Thanks
Bob Ochsrobertochs@rocketmail.comBaltimore
My grandfather was Henry J DeSellem. He served in the 102nd division, 406th infantry regiment, company L. My grandfather passed away when I was 12. He never spoke of his service. I loved my grandfather very much and I would be very greatful to find out whatever I can. Please feel free to email me with anything. Thank you
Dan Schiffhauerdeschiffhauer@yahoo.comTabernacle
My father, Francis Anthony Schiffhauer, was in company E, the 406th infantry regiment, 102nd Infantry Division. He passed away on October 29, 2016 at age 92. Never said a whole lot about the war to myself or 7 brothers and sisters, but we were all very proud of his service.
Marian Wilkeluvsedona@msn.comSedona
Daughter of John David Wefer, 405th, Company M Born: 08/04/26 Died: 01/21/2004
Gregory A ReottTimberwolfreott@hotmail.comUSA
This is an awsome site. I think I might find my grandfather in one of these photos.
Judith Johansen Alariejohalar@aol.comNaples
My late husband, Robert W. Alarie, served proudly in the 102nd. Today (November 17 ) is the anniversary of the day he was wounded. Bob passed away in April of 2016.
Homer V. Wagnon, Jr.hvwjr23@comcast.netUSA
Found: Sgt. John E. Warner in 102 ID history book KIA Feb. 23, 1945 crossing Roer River. Entered service from Iowa City, Indiana. Served in Co. "E", 407 Inf.,102 ID. Notice given by his relative, Steven Clark - below.
Steven ClarkUSA
Relative of Sgt. John E. Warner, 23 Feb 1945 407th Inf, 102nd Div
Laura Ann Polklauraapolk@gmail.comHouston
My Father Leslie C. Polk, Jr. # 38479591 passed away 11/19/2006.He was in 379th Field Artillery Batallion, 102nd Infantry Division, and 102nd Division Chorus. He used his Radio Training and was a General Class Ham Radio Operator K5BEQ Laura A Polk-Daughter
Laura Ann Polklauraapolk@gmail.comHouston
My Father Leslie C. Polk, Jr. # 3849591 passed away 11/19/2006.He was in 379th Field Artillery Batallion, 102nd Infantry Division, and 102nd Division Chorus. He used his Radio Training and was a General Class Ham Radio Operator K5BEQ Laura A Polk-Daughter
Robbie GurleyRobbie8798@att.netMemphisUSA
Saddens me to notify you that Robert J. January from Trenton, TN passed to God on January 8, 2016. He lived in Memphis, TN from after the war until his death. He was a member of the Ozark 102 Infantry in Germany in WWII he shot a bazooka. My Stepmother has his military id number. He only began to talk about the war and his participation 2 years before his death. I never knew of this website until last December. He had letters and pictures about the war, but again my Stepmother has them.
Larry Shudralshudra@sbcglobal.netHouston
My father Ed Shudra from Kingston Michigan was a member of this group. He told me very few stories. He witnessed Gardelegen, hid a jet plane in a barn, released prisoners of war, blew up a power plant, greeted/disarmed Russian soldiers as they crossed a bridge on their way to Berlin, and spent a lot of time scared and hungry. Thank you for keeping this history alive.
Tom DeHartpistolpete42@gmail.comHouston
Best wishes for Memorial Day. Son of 1st Lt. Claude Lester DeHart, WWII.
Ben Savelkoulmail@bensavelkoul.nlNetherlands
First of all ... GREAT website ..!! Question, May be you can help ... I'm looking for info about Pvt. Gerald L. Eppig, ArmySer# 33900134 He was in the 407 INF. He's Buried on AMC in Margraten, the Netherlands. Greetz, Ben
Lisa AlfieroAlfiero@bellsouth.netHypoluxo
Our mother Joan Alfiero passed away on April 18th. Service at Bonjiovi Funeral Home Raritan NJ. Dad (Frank ) 406-HQ2 who passed in 2003 served as historian and secretary/treasurer for many many years and to say Mom was not a big part of that would be a mistake!! Together they dedicated so much to promote the association and formed many close friendships. She is dearly missed.
Anne Walkerealker@aol.comUSA
I am trying to detail my Uncle Robert Ezekiel Owens, Jr (R.E. Owens ) military service. He join the Ark. Nat'l Guard 153rd in 1937-38, was stationed in Seward, Alaska until the 153rd was decommission and he then was deployed to Europe. I have a picture of his title Staff and Special Staff 2nd Bn., 406th INF, 102nd Div, July, 1944 from Fort Dix, N.J.from this point until his death somewhere near the Germany/Netherlands border on 19 Nov. 1944 is a mystery. He is buried in Margarten Netherlands American Cemetery, but does not show up in the OZARK KIA list. Any info or help would be appreciated.
Gino Porcaroginopocaro@gmail.comUSA
my grandfather Earl Griffith was in CO D 1st BN 405 Infantry if there is anyone here that can give me any info on the unit I would be much appreciated I also have photos i would like to share . this was during ww2 thank you in advance
Debbie GolvanGolvan@bigpond.net.auAustralia
The descendants of Martin Freiberg in Melbourne Australia and London England are raising a glass on 13 April 2016 in honor of the Brave Ozarks and their descendants. Good health and long life to you all and thank you for liberating our dad, then a skinny 14 year old Jewish boy who had lived under the Nazi regime in Germany. It was April 1945. Dad was forever grateful and we remain so today. Thank you. Debbie Golvan, Liky Tell, Mark Regev and Alex Freiberg
LTC. Harry L. Huffman, Jr., CAPUSA
I was looking up info about Camp Maxey, Texas. Discovered the 102nd Infantry Division (WW-2 ) trained there. Found your great web page. Read numerous articles. I salute the veterans of the 102nd Infantry Division (The Ozarks ) Thank you for liberating Western Europe. I was born an Army brat in Linz, Austria. I would not be alive today if it were not for the young men who gave their lives for freedom!
David Steelysteelyfamilias@yahoo.comParisTXUSA
I am looking for stories, pictures, and memorabilia from the 102d when they were in training at Camp Maxey north of Paris Texas in 1942-43. My mother, 96, is giving a presentation to a group in April 2016 on her experiences. She was a civilian worker at the camp hospital and was a member of the Maxey Command, a group of Paris women who helped serve as dance partners to soldiers at the USOs in Paris and the Camp Service Centers. The camp also served as the training center for the 99th Infantry Division as well as a major replacement training center. I would also like to include items collected on my campmaxey.blogspot.com
Richard Walkerrickwalker.cscs@gmail.comUSA
My late Grandfather Richard G. Streeter served with the OZARKS 102nd Infantry. He was awarded the Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge, and several other medals. RIP grandpa, love and mis you!
Darryl Jensendarryldjensen@gmail.comUsa
My father is John R. Jensen and served with the 102nd in France Belgium and Germany in 1944.He is now 91 and lives with us in New Jersey.
Douglas Staffordstafford.dc@gmail.comMadisonWI
Would like to mention my father, Douglas Stafford, who served in 102nd Inf. Div., 407th, F-Company from Holland to the Elbe. He was from Van Dyke, Michigan (Warren outside of Detroit ) and now at age 89 lives in Peck, Michigan. I would be happy to pass along any connections from anyone who served in this unit during this time.
Jason Normanjasonclaynorman@gmail.comUSA
My Grandfather Jason Frank Brawley wad in the Ozarks during The War. I only remember a few details. I once meet a friend from Indiana,I think, named Red and I believe they were part of Rodgers Raiders. Would mean a great deal to know more. God bless them,our Greatest Generation, they truly saved the world.
John R. Simpsonjhnsgunz51@yahoo.comUSA
My father was with the 102 in 1944
Stewart Clark Jriambuster1@gmail.comUsa
My father Stewart Sr was in the 102, 407 company C
Robert Gipsonugetjigi1@yahoo.com
My grandfather, Gilbert Farrer, served in HQ, 381st FA Bn. He died when I was 3 and didn't talk much about his military service with the family. If there's any way I can get any information from Mr. Dunning on his military service record or any other information that would be great. Thank you. I'm currently in San Antonio, TX but the Guestbook wouldn't accept my data
Roger Schijvenrogerschijven@gmail.comKerkrade
Hello Everybody. My name is Roger Schijven (the Netherlands ) and i'm the proud adoptant of the grave of Byron M. Allison. Byron served at the 405th Infantry Regiment, 102 Division, servicenumber 37749165. Byron enlisted at august 7, 1944 at fort Levenworth Kansas and deceased at febuary 26, 1945 near Erkelenz Germany while he was crossing the river Ruhr. Byron is enlisted on The Wall of the Missing at the American War Cemetery at Margraten, the Netherlands. I've already contact with his family but i'm searching for his comrads during WO II. Is there anyone who could help me ? Thanx a lot for reading this note and for your help. Roger Schijven, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.
Alan Brockmeierspcaptain@plateautel.netUSA
My father was a Ozark: SSgt. Lowell L. Brockmeier from Forreston, IL. Member of 407th Inf. He was very proud to have been an Ozark, but very humble in saying he was but one of many who served. He passed: 8 Sept. 2014 in Clovis, NM.
mark mitchellmarko49@bellsouth.netUSA
I am a Son Of The Ozarks, father was Ssgt. Marcus E. Mitchell, Battery Sgnt., 'B' Battery, 379th.FA. BN.. Dad was an original Ozark, having been pulled from the 2nd ID to serve as the Cadre to train the newly federalized 102nd. He served through the war w/Ozark %26 was very, very proud of his men %26 his division! I have photos %26 a few stories to share. He passed just 2 weeks before the Ozark reunion in San Antonio 1998.
Vincent DiPilatovkneed@yahoo.comConnecticut
I grew up in a NY development where many of these well deserving of honor WW2 veterans lived. One of these was Mr. Carmine Corretti. He lived across the street. My family being Italian lived in Italy during the WW2 and I grew up with their stories of the war and its horrors. Mr. Corretti and my father were friends. I looked up his name and found him. He told me about his D-Day beach assault and I was always in awe and so respected him for what he did. I cannot express enough how thankful now I am to having known him and miss those days when our families would on occasion get together. God Bless all those then and now who served to protect our USA.
Robert Maguirerem8@yahoo.comMaryland
My uncle Michael Clarke, originally of County Mayo, Ireland and who lived in Brooklyn, NY after he emigrated, always told me that he was a machine gunner with the Ozark Division.
J. Mevisjmevis@hotmail.comNetherlands
I should like to ask your help.I have in Margraten (Netherlands ) an adoption tomb of Mc Tamney, James H service number 06718279 Date of Death 25. Feb 1945, but I do not have a photo of James.Maybe you have a photo from his military service in the archive time.I would be very grateful!With friendly greetings j. Mevis, the Netherlands.
Mark Monahanmmonahan42@yahoo.comCalifornia
My uncle KENNETH RHEAUME from MINNESOTA served in an infantry regiment of the 102nd. Otherwise all I know is that his family received notice he was MIA for several days. I'm sorry thats all I know. He survived the war. But I believe he suffered from what he experienced. Love to hear for anyone knowing him or of him Thanks.
Ronald Byersbye88@aol.com
Father Ralph Byers was in the 102 in WWII
Edward Crossedncarole@att.netMemphis
My father Edward Cross Sr. was a mortar gunner in 102d, 407 Inf. Reg., Co. L... He also played on the 407th Raiders Football team in Coburg. I have some interesting photos in the field with individuals I do not know and pictures of the entire football squad.
Leo %26 Maxine LaPlumepepereleo@hotmail.comU.S.A.
Maxine is the daughter of Ivy M. Hinton who served in 102nd Infantry, 406 Infantry Regiment, Company K from February 1944 to May 1946. Tour of duty was Rhineland and Central Europe from Sept 1944 to May 1946. Our unending thanks to the brave men of 102nd.
Alan Talbertalantalbert7@gmai.com
my dad was a member of the 102nd Infantry Division he passed away in 2007
Joshua MartinezJoshmarz17@gmail.comLagunaHills
I would like to thank everyone for their information on this brave division. I'm a history major, I've always found World War Two history quite fascinating. To be living in a country where men like these fought thousands of miles away from home for a threat so serious, it might have possibly consumed the world. I'm currently writing a short script for a class. I found that this site and the story of the identification bracelet inspiring. I do encourage for all to honor and remember these years of heroism. Forget Batman, Wolverine and those comic heroes. These guys were real. They fought for a real cause. I hope to honor them in my short story.
David Livelydlivelyll71671@gmail.comHope
Maj. (Ret. ) Richard E Lively, my father and my hero, went to be with our Heavenly Father on the 19th of Jan. 2015. Maj. Lively began his government service with the Civilian Conservation Coprs in 1936. He joined the Arkansas National Guard in October 1938 and then went on active duty the U.S. Army in San Antonio,TX. He served in C/407 102nd Infantry Division at the start of WWII. He fought in Europe and was given a battlefield commission on Dec.18, 1944. After the war, he remained in the Army. During the Korean War he commanded M Co,38th Inf.Rgt for the 2nd ID. His awards and decorations include the Silver Star (gallantry in action )%3B three Bronze Stars ( two for zalor and one for service )%3B three Purple Hearts for wounds received in action in two wars%3B two Combat Infantry Badges%3B and nemerous other awards.
Kevin L
Just Had the HONOR to meet Mr. Charles Tait a member of the 102nd Infantry. He is a wonderful Man.
Dillon Pyron, Jrdmpyron@austin.rr.comAustin
Dad ( CMSGT Dillon Pyron, USAF Ret ) never talked about his service much prior to the AF and it's only since Mom's death that we have very much. I'm in the process of organizing and scanning photos and documents for contributioon to this site. Thank you, dillon
William Heldwpheld@comcast.net
In memory of my uncle Lawrence Green a proud member of the Ozarks. He was severely injured in Germany and blinded in one eye. It never stopped him and he never complained. He loved his fellow Ozarks and even took me to a reunion when I was a teenager. I named my third son after him Daniel Lawrence Held.
Judi McFadden Kenyon HannaUSA
My mother passed away last week, my father, Col B.C. McFadden knew many of the reservists in Independence Missouri. We mentioned the Ozettes and the many activities they did together, including a mass baby shower in 1958. They always and fun, the reservists respected my papa as a leader, and we had so much fun with you all then. her online guestbook is with Englishfuneralchapel.com. Thanks. (Earlene McFadden, they lived on W 35th Terrace, then at the lake community in Lee's Summit, MO. before moving to Idaho in 1993.
David Jonesjonesmrdl@aol.comSanford
In memory of my father, PFC Raymond F. Jones, 327th Engineers Battalion.
Ann Quinnkquinn02@rochester.rr.comRochester
My father Thomas J. Scaglione was a member of the 102nd and fought in WWII. I attended some of his reunions as a child. I remember one in the mid 1970s at Valley Forge PA. He retired from the Active Reserves in 1973 at the rank of Lt. Colonel. Our Family was so proud of him. He was able to attend his division reunion in Washington DC the year the WWII Memorial was dedicated, what an experience that was. He passed away February 10, 2012 at age 89
Craig Staleyces672000@yahoo.comYork
My father was Corporal Mirl James "Jim" Staley 102 Div. / 407th Infantry / Anti Tank company
Todd Hodrinskythglobal@att.netStorrs
I am the grandson of Joseph Kiss. Staff Sargent 102nd ozarks during World War II. Thanks to all that serve.
Lester Dukelesterduke99@yahoo.comArlington
Thomas H Duke was my father he served with the 102nd . He was in A battery 379th FA. He passed in 1982 .Thanks to all the service men and women to keep us free. My dad joined to help free those that needed help..
Dorothy L Kernsspunk4U_6@hotmail.comMorton
My dad William F Kerns Jr. was in this division in WWII! Looking for anyone whom might recognize his name!
Sue westerbergHennywest@yahoo.comBethel
My father Abe Mitchell was very active in the association. I am looking for ant of his old buddies and I have many pictures of the mini reunions at our house in Bethei, Ct I also have some Izard items if anyone would like them- thanks
martin fulopmartyfulop@yahoo.com
I was looking for a photo of my father Eugene Fulop. Please let me know if there if one for me to view. Thank you so much
Douglas E. Scottd.english50@hotmail.comTacomaUSA
I was a member of the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion on 23 May 1945. I took part in the ceremonies and reception of the Russian Army Officers. We were the Americas to meet the Russian Army. The Company Commanding Officer was CPT Paul F. Clements. The Battalion Commander was LTC Robert Anderson. The Division Commander was MG Frank A. Keating. Is there anyone out there who was also part of this event ? I would enjoy hearing from someone. I was also in the 149th Amphibious Engineers on D-Day. I landed on Omaha Beach at 0600.
In a raffle a few months ago, I won an Ozarks 102nd Infantry WWII fatigue blouse owned by a man named Bleish. While I can't seem to find mention of him specifically, it was important to me to learn more about the division, because when one wears something like this, one should be able to talk about it. While I'm here, I also wanted to put out a thank you for your service. I can't imagine what life would be like without a WWII victory. Our country has many failings, but freedom does ring and it's all thanks to brave men and women like you. Thank you.
Joe Creamerretired07nc@gmail.comHampstead NC
My uncle, Victor Somers, was in Company K .killed on January 1, 1945 near Linnich, Germany
Michael BrasileBigm1957@optonline.netLake grove, NY,
I have numerous photos and souvenirs from my Uncle Sgt. Ralph Maritato, of his tour during WW2, serving in the 102nd, Ozarks. How may I post photos and search for men that served with him ? Thank You
Harvey Bonnerhbonner71@gmail.comBillings, MT USA
Father in the Ozark Division
Janet Wencerwencer@sympatico.caToronto, ON, Canada
My father, Myron Krochak, served with 102nd Infantry Division,"Ozarks", 407th Infantry Regiment, Headquarters Company. He was a Corporal, classified as a T/5, occupational specialty Field Lineman, and participated in the Central Europe and Rhineland campaigns. He received the Bronze Star for heroism in Germany on 23 February 1945. The action for which he was cited involved remaining in fast-moving, waist-deep water under sniper fire for a prolonged period of time, while running a communications wire across a river. This was especially remarkable because he could not swim and had always been extremely uncomfortable in water. My father related that on a separate occasion, he was in a tree stringing communication wire when he heard German voices directly below him. He looked down to see his own rifle leaning against the tree trunk, with several German soldiers standing around it. He was berating himself for leaving the rifle below when he realized that luckily the soldiers were only looking for someone to whom to surrender. Late in the war, when the American and Soviet armies met, he was assigned to a Soviet unit as a liaison/interpreter, as he could speak and understand Ukrainian. My father told us after we had grown up that the Soviets had shot all their prisoners, even those who had surrendered under a flag of truce. We have some photographs showing him posing with Soviet soldiers at Heinrichshorst Castle.
Dawn Fultondawnr5@yahoo.comMinnesota
My Uncle was in the 407th Infantry Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Does anyone still living remember Frederick (Freddie ) C. Slonine (sometimes spelled or pronounced Slonina ). He died in action 12/1/1944. Thanks if anyone gets back to me.
Koen Traaskoen_traas_yerseke@hotmail.comThe Netherlands
I adopted the grave : Name: Cipriano Arnold W Rank: PFC Servicenummer: 35920931 Regiment: 406th infantry regiment Battalion: 2nd bataljon Division: 102nd infantry Division Company: E Born: 1 Jan. 1925 , Cleveland . Cuyahoga county, Ohio. Died: 28 Feb. 1945 I am looking for information about him. Send me a e-mail if you have any information! Thank you.
Ryan Mulloy Smulloy16@spxstudent.orgSmyrna/ United States of America
Just decided to do a little research about my grandfathers, Roger Leigh Mulloy Jr., war experiences and found this website about his division. My grandfather unfortunately passed away recently and will be missed.
John.H.Cremerscremers.j.1@home.nlNieuwstadt. Netherlands
I adopted the grave from Arthur,R,Towle Rgn, 36673245.PFC 405th Infantry Reg. 102nd Infantry. 3rd Bat. K Comp. Born 6 May 1910 in Mattoon, coles country en died on Feb 24 1945 I looking for info on him or familie. send E Mail please if you have any info. Thank you verry much.
Joe Goodmanjoegoodman@tsixroads.comCorinth, MS
My father, Dr R. c. Goodman passed away on 16 May '14. He was a member of the Ozark Division starting in August, 1944 until after the war. I would like to post his passing on our website as he is a proud vet and PROUD member of the "Ozark" Division. I do not know how to post this, as such can you please advise. Sincerely Joseph R. Goodman LTC, Ret
Frank Fischersunsetllc@live.comKey Largo, Fl. USA
Hello and thank you so much for this web-site. I am the son of Milton Fischer and I would like to thank all the Rodgers Raiders for their bravery and help in winning the war and freedom. In all my life I never ever heard my father talk up another man.... Except Roy! He told me Roy was the bravest badest man he has ever met, period. He talked up every man in the unit. I wish the men of today had the same integrity. I tried talking him into telling his story before he died as this site requested. But I guess it was too hard for him. He told me lot's of stories when he was younger, but talked about it less as he got older. He used to smile when he told stories, then as he got older he would tear up. I'm sorry to all I could not get him to open up. It would have been nice to have some history for everyone. My heart goes out to everyone involved. Thanks and good luck to all. Frank Fischer sunsetllc@live.com
Karl E. Aamot, IIIfr8308@yahoo.comSunnyvale, CA
It was good to see this sight is established. I am the second son of Lt. Karl Aamot, of Roger's Raiders.
Dennis Schmiedergunchief112@msn.comPawleys Island SC
As your birthday nears Dad, thinking of you and the sacrifices you and so many others made for our Nation. Remembering Cpl Lawrence F Schmieder Hq Battery 927th FA---WIA 12/4/44
Peter Crumleypete33@gte.netLos Angeles
My Great Uncle Sgt Mark Turnbull was in 406th Inf, Company G 102nd Ozark. He was KIA 11/17/1944 in Germany. I have no information about him. His records were destroyed in the NPRC fire. Can anybody help ?
Czes%B3aw PomiechaczSzuber@gmail.comniftymcx.com/uncategorized/nifty-plan.htm
You made some decent points there. I did a search on the issue and found most persons will consent with your site.
Dan Doveliltrooper68@gmail.comFt Bragg, NC
Hello! I am coming up on my retirement from active duty, and am trying to get a coin with the patch of each of my units for my shadow box. I was a member of the 1009th S%26S Co out of Belleville, IL in the early 90's, which wore this patch. Would anyone have any leads on getting a patch with the 102nd patch on it ? Thanks for any help! Dan
Devin R. Benningilittlelou1@hotmail.comSt. Louis, MO
I'm the Grandson of Sgt. George Henry Benning Jr. I've been trying to compile research on him but sadly I do not know too much about him. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Also I have two names of his buddies one SSgt. R.V. Murray and a Bill Taylor.
Harold MillsThemills63@frontier.comEldorado il
I am watching a 1948 movie, The Search, and noticed that the actor was wearing an Ozark Division patch. It was not corectly displayed..
christine cummingschristinecummings11@yahoo.comalbany,ny/usa
I remember going to Atlantic City NJ for an Ozark reunion in when I was around 5 years old. My father always enjoyed seeing his buddies from WW2 and looked forward to going with my Mother every year.
David Livelydlivelyll71671@gmail.comHope AR
My father was in C/407. He was given a battlefield commission 12/18/44. He was one of the original members of the 102nd. I have a number of pictures that he had from that time. One of the pictures is members of c/407 at Camp Mackey in TX. He is 93 and still going, but slow. He continued in the Army after the War and commanded a company in Korea. M/38
Bob keeling keeling_rw@hotmail.comcoosbay,oregon
my dad Wayne Beebe was in Co.D 406th infantry 102 division during world war II , he never talked about the war when he was alive but now that he is gone I would like to learn as much as I could about his service so if anyone out there could help me it would be greatly appreciated ...
Happy Mellish (Powell )mellish96@gmail.comNorth Branch, MI
My father, Lee Powell, served in the 102nd during World WarII and was proud to do so. Nice site!
Patti Harp Clarkpatticlark96@yahoo.comJonesboro/craighead
My grandfather William Kenneth Harp was in this infantry, he is 94 and still very active, I salute all who was, is, and will be serving our country.God bless you
Diane Wild BurginLouisville KY
Daughter of Master Sgt. Wayne M Wild - just ran across some pics and thought I might be able to return some to families by checking out this site. Will try to go to group page.
judy robinsonrtjudith@aol.comhot springs
Earl Devere Terry died August 12 2013 at age 92.He was army soldier who served in 102 Infantry, combat Engineer Battalion in World War 2 He received 3 Bronze Stars. In addition ,he served in Korean War.Honorable discharged.
Williamma_pa_crooks@yahoo.comWarren, MI
I'm still kicking at 92. I was in Company I, in the 405th Infantry. Honorably discharged in 1946 at Fort Custer.
Lovely Webpage, Thx! Keep up the great work.
Richard Jurovichjurovichra@hotmail.comPflugerviller.Tx
reposting,, I have two books about the OZARKS trip in time in the war.... glad to pass them on,,, as long as i get them back,, Richard
Jay Noffsingertjnoffy@gmail.comWilliamsburg, VA
My stepfather, Melvin Ketchel, was with the 102nd ID, 407th IR, C Co. in Europe from just after D-Day to the end of the war. He is alive and well at 91, and living in Maryland!
lawson h ballardlawson.ballard@raymondjames.comgreenville sc
my father was commander k company 107th and his name was l hugh ballard.dad passed away on sept 28 2013.
Keven Lockk.lock.mail@gmail.comNYC, NY
My Dad, James E. Lock, served in the 102nd in WWII, He mustered out as a Ssgt after the war. He married my Mother during occupation duty in Bayreuth. She was a Polish refugee. Dad brought home may photos of his buddies from the war as well photos of Gardelegen. He passed away on May 30th 2003. Dad was a member of the American Legion and was a Kentucky Colonel. His VFW post honored him with a flag at his funeral. Visiting this site and thinking of my Dad this Veteran's Day.
Duncan V Crowlwwdunk@att.netSan Juan Capistrano
my father , BRUCE CROWL, proudly served in 1943-1945/6
Angie Butleroscarslegacy@gmail.comKill Devil Hills, NC
My grandfather, Cpl. Joseph "J.B." Burke was in the 927th Field Artillery Battalion, B Battery. He passed away in 1972 from a heart attack. I wish he had lived long enough to share his history with me. THANK YOU, to all of you, for your amazing service to this country.
Dan Derkics1274dd@gmail.comGaithersburg
My uncle, Mike Bega, served in the 405 / 102 and was KIA at the Bulge. His brother was a tad more lucky at that battle and survived a thru and thru bayoneting.
Richard Allen Brownjbmonti@q.comUSA
My father, Richard Allen Brown, was in the 102nd Ozark Division. He is alive and well at 92 living in Spokane, Washington. I am leaving my email address. Barb
john kentonpapajohnkenton@gmail.comDayton Ohio USA
I am the POA for Evan D Larkin a vetren of the 102nd. This site has been helpful while planning for his 90th BIRTHDAY! THANKS
Dan Duncanlmc_medic1@yahoo.comBLOOMINGTON, IN
My Great uncle fought in the 102 Ozark%3B Paul Wible. And wrote a book entitled "At the End of the Marching Street". He is still alive and has told me many stories over time. He carried a BAR, made me copies of his map, and their dvd. I will answer any questions anyone has as best I can.
george l hartzergeorge.hartzer@verizon.netwhitaker
My father,George Hartzer was a member of the 102nd. I cant remember what company or regiment he was in but we are very proud of him because he is a decorated veteran.
Kevin M Krausekkrause@rcushman.comcanton, MI 48187 USA
My uncle, Leonard F Krause was a member of the Ozarks 102nd. He was killed in action, 10 May 1945 and is laid to rest with his comrades in the United States cemetery, Netherlands. My family lives with him in our hearts.
Glenn L. Pearsallpearsall.glenn@gmail.comJohnsburg, NY, USA
My father Alan W. "Pete" Pearsall served as a staff sergeant in the Combat Engineers in the 102nd. Happy to pass on stories he told me. Also I have some WW2 memorabilia he has passed down to me when he died in 1999 that I would like to possibly donate to a 102nd Museum if there is one.
Joseph A Rentonbarenton@frontier.comBainbridge, NY
Remembering the band that had to perform at Krefeld at almost a moments' notice - without having much chance to practice to regain our "chops."
Sam Garrisonsam@headspring.comAustin, TX
I'm the grandson of J. Fred Bingman, he was a medic in the 102nd, though I'm not sure which Regiment or Company. If anyone out there has any memories of my grandfather, I would love to hear them. Thanks.
Erick Portererickporter@hotmail.comOklahoma City, OK USA
I am the younger son of Clark W. Porter, who was Captain of Company G, 407th Regiment, 102nd Infantry Division. He received the Silver Star for his role in achieving his objective during the night river crossing of the Roer River in February 1945.
Richard Jurovichjurovichra@hotmail.comPflugerville Tx
Old John Jurovich has pased on..... He left me two books about the 102..... I would like to pass them along to ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? who can take care of them..
Vaughn Wagnonhvwjr23@comcast.netVirginia USA
Sean in St Louis, and others who send messages with questions: There is NO WAY to contact any of you if you fail to provide an email address. If you do fail, I must, as monitor, regretfully reject your message. A better way to search is by the 102nd GROUP. Check out the link for it.
Fredrick Thompsonfredthompson1430@yahoo.comHernando
Thanks for helping us remember those before us who gave so much for our freedom. There will always be those of us who care very much what these men did, and are proud.
Fred Seijenfredseijen@ziggo.nlNetherlands
Hello, We adopted a grave in Magraten Netherlands, Sunday we were there on memorial day to put some flowers on the grave..I was wondering if someone could give us some more information about this soldier.. His name: Todd Clarence J pvt, reg.39423485 406 inf. 102 Div. us army California...I surrly would be very thankful if someone could give us some more information, so we know about this soldier. Greetings, Fred Seijen Holland
Rich Batesjrichb49@yahoo.comCentralia, Illinois
My dad Francis W Bates, was attached to the Military Police Platoon, 102nd Inf Div. Served in Kitchegin, Germany ( ?sp ) end of 1945 to mid 1946. Anyone else have family that served with this unit at that time ? Dad passed away 4 yrs ago and was always proud of his service.
Ron Kroonrjwmkroon@home.nlHoensbroek, Netherlands
Hi, I adopted the grave from Maurice E Peterson at cemetery Margraten, Netherlands. He entered the Service from Missouri and served at 102nd Reconnaissance Troop, 102nd Infantry Division. He died on Dec 29, 1944. I am looking for info on him and how he died. Email me please if you have any info. Thank you very much !!
Carol Lemon Alleneditor@azbw.comScottsdale, Arizona
Greetings from the sister of a WWII vet who died last year at 87. Don Lemon was one of the "men of the Ozark" 102nd division who served as an MP during WWII. I am honoring him with a small display at my own local VFW and am wondering if I might order an Ozark patch to include. Have you any suggestions ? Thank you, Carol
Theron P. Snell, Ph.Dtsnell@wi.rr.comRacine, WI
Looking to contact any of the following men from the 407th Infantry. They were all returned POWs (RAMP ) who came home on the SS SANTA MARGARITA in May 1945. I am writing a history of the ship and am looking for accounts of the trip home: PFC Gutierrez T/5Jack L. Broadstreet S/SGT Thomas H. Brooke PFC Eugene J Juan PFC Aslin Strahan
Ginger Smithginger@daleandgingersmith.comVeradale, WA
My father, Franklin P. Graham, served in the 102nd, 406 regiment, Company F. His nickname was Beetle Bailey. He's now approaching his 90th birthday. I'm in the process of publishing the letters he wrote to his parents back home for his birthday. He was wounded twice and any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Charles Laverylaveryconstruction@gmail.comSaranac Lake NY usa
My dad was with the 771 st TD Bat.His name was Charles Lavery. Does anybody remember him from the war. Thanks Chuck Lavery
L.M. Warnerrock_sngr@yahoo.comConcord CA USA
My grandfather was Sgt. John "Jack" E. Warner was in 407th Company E. He was from Iowa city. He died in action on Feb 23, 1945. I am looking for info on him and how he died. Email me if you have any info.
Marcel Simonsmarcel.simons1964@gmail.comGulpen, Netherlands
Hi, my father adopted the grave of PFC. Towel (or Tower ? ) who served in the 405. I am looking for a book on the 102nd Infantry Division but I cant find anything. Who can help me ? ? ?
Zinz, David A.profz@sio.midco.netSioux Falls, SD USA
My father was Pfc. Albert C. Zinz in Co.C, 407th Infantry.
Harold R. Beachhrcdbeach72@comcast.netBeach Park, Illinois, USA
In loving memory of my Father, PFC Howard H. Beach, Co.B,405th, 102nd ID, I thank all of the Greatest Generation, who gave so much.
Joseph Micah StephensonFalkville Alabama
My Father was Harold Leon Stephenson SSG 407th Company B 102ID
JAMES A. ALSPAUGHjaalsp@aol.comTulsa, OK
sgt. Co I, 406th Inf, Secr 102nd Inf Div, Secr 102nd Inf DivSchol Trust1995-Present.
Kenneth Lloyd Bigglekbggl@msn.comAdrian, Mi
As are all the other comments, My father, Sgt. Lloyd Biggle, Jr. was in the 102nd. He was wounded twice and paid for those injuries for the rest of his life, without much complaint. He will be remembered dearly.
Roger Frazeerkfrazee@gmail.comSharps Chapel, TN
My father,Jack Frazee, served in the 102nd during World War Two. Thanks Dad, and thank you, all veterans, for protecting our freedom.
Patrick EdwardsC_bull20@hotmail.comWaco
My grandfather, Moody Edwards, was in Company A, 405th regiment. He died when I was three so didnt get to hear any stories. Recently found his 214 form and found out some of the medals he was awarded (Purple Heart for one ). Would love to know if anybody has any stories of his old company or regiment.
Becky Queen queen.Rebecca@yahoo.comfort worth
my grandfather, Norman W. Mosley, was a member of the 407th. I looked up to him and even though he's gone, he's still my hero. If anyone has any info about him, please let me know!!! I have pictures of him with other men in uniform while they were in country and a whole lot of others... I'd love to share if interested.
Christine Joycecejoyce@hotmail.comCanton, MA
My grandfather, Walter Casale, was a proud member of Company E of the 405th regiment of the 102nd. He was a good friend of Walter Ruff and earned a Purple Heart for his tour of duty, since he was shot in the leg while crossing the Rhine River. He passed away on October 29th, 2012 and we are honored for the way he and the rest of the "Greatest Generation" served this country.
Gerard Urkagfu722@yahoo.comPioneer,CA
My father, Francis P.Urka served in the 102nd. He was called home in Jan.2010.Like most of his generation (The"Greatest" ), he never spoke of WWII.I take great pride in what he did (an all the other men and women ) for our freedom...May he, and the rest of our "Greatest generation" Rest in Peace.
Jim MackinnonJmackinnon58@gmail.comCuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Thanks for everything. It has been my privilege meeting and getting to know some of you at your recent reunions. My dad is William Mackinnon. 407 Cannon Co.
Jeanne HastingsTRjeanne@yahoo.comSevierville TN
Hi, My Dad, Robert Day Hastings served with the Ozarks during WWII. He didn't talk about the war very often but now that he is gone I would like to know more about his service. Any information you can send would be greatly apprreciated.
Peter M. Huegel, Sr.pmhjunk@aol.comGlendale, AZ
My uncle John Hudak, Jr. served with the 102nd and was awarded a Bronze Star for action in 1945. The newspaper article says, "Rudolstadt - In a Regimental ceremony on June 13 T/Sgt. John Hudak, Jr. Louisville, Ohio decorated by Col. B. F. Hurless, Atlanta, Ga. 406th Inf. commanding officer. T/gt. Hudak was awarded the Bronze Star for 'courage and exemplary leadership'...and he...'neutralized the enemy position and enabled his unit to proceed and take the objective.' This action took place between April 10-12. When his platoon leader became a casualty T/Sgt. Hudak took command and outflanked an enemy position, killing three and wounding two krauts thus lifting the fire that had halted his platoon advance. The Easy Company platoon Sargent is 29 years old, married and has one son. With only 64 points, he says 'So what ?' "
Ed Blackburned.blackburn@mygait.comHouston,Texas
I was one of the 3250 ASTP soldiers, who joined the 102nd at Camp Swift, TX. I started out in I Co,407th Inf., and was later transferred to the wire section in Hq. Co., 407th, where I survived through combat. We had 8 out of our 12 man wire section wounded, six of whom never returned to us.
Ronaldronh351@yahoo.comWilliamsburg, VA
My wife's grandfather, William H. Martin from Franklin County, Virginia served with the 102ID during WWII. He is alive and well living in Roanoke, Va. I look forward to sharing this site with him. He is now 90 years old.
Kathrynkathryneddins1@yahoo.comKansas city/USA
My grandfather is CS Jasper. He passed away in 2006 but I am forever grateful for his service in the 102nd. Thank you for making certain my children live in a free country. God Blesss
Lynda Lerumlyraele@gmail.comBloomington, MN
I have a question for Tim Myers, Ozarks Webmaster. On your Page 1 of photographs, do any of the photos have names written on the back ? There is one photo that possibly has my dad in it. Thank you for your work on this website. It is greatly appreciated.
Ferry Harremanferryemmy@gmail.comTiel , Holland
I am searching for information about Roy B. Etzin Private, U.S. Army Service # 32774698 Company C, 327th Engineer Combat Bn, 102nd Infantry Division Entered the Service from: New Jersey Died: 13-Dec-44 Missing in Action or Buried at Sea Tablets of the Missing at Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten, Netherlands Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart I have adopted his name on the Wall of Missing in Holland . And I want to know who he was and if ther is any family alive to let them know that we shal never forget.
titus christiantymescape@hotmail.comHuntsville, Al.
I am not very good with this stuff. I hope I don't lose out of this site. P.S. now I don't know what they mean now. it has been to long. My Dad was in HQ@Hq but he said he was farmed out to almost any body, He was in Art.as an fob. he was a truck driver on the red ball, he helped capture a whole lot of germans one night while he was on guard, and returned fire on the soviet, if they tried to shoot the german civilians who whated to leave. I don't know what you mean about code so my email is on here, I spent 32 years in the military, most of it in the army but I started out in the Marines in June 1960. Desert storm almost killed me for good, so I let them have it I hope they do good work.
Lyndalyraele@gmail.comBloomington, MN
I might have signed in elsewhere on this website, but here is another sign in. My father was Paul E Lerum T/4 FA HQ BTRY 102 FA (component AUS ). He was a radio operator. I do not know what regiment he was affiliated with. If any one remembers his name, please contact me.
Jim Wibeljimwibel@cox.netGlendale, AZ
My Dad was in a artillery unit with the division. I've been trying to find information as to the role of the 102nd during the war. Dads record were destroyed in a fire at the St. Louis storage facility so I have only vague memory of what Dad talked about.
Siegford (grandson )jdj374@yahoo.com
My grandfather was in the 102 inf. during WWII so I wanted to look at the site. Thank you for a nice place to see my grandfathers past.
George B. Ross (daughter )hpaa46@gmail.comOxford, U.K.
My father was in 379 FA - HQ and I would like to contact others in the same unit.
George B. Ross (daughter )hpaa46@gmail.comOxford, U.K.
My father, now deceased, was George B. Ross, FA - HQ. I am trying to piece together his service record and would be grateful to hear from fellow service members who served with him.
Robert Dyasdcatfish72@embarqmail.comTavares, FL
My father, Ralph A. Dyas served in 927th FA as a Staff Sergeant - Chief of Section 844. Looking for information on him and his unit. Need to show my children and grandchildren where and what their family has done for our great country.
wesley longwvlong@centurylink.netroxboro nc
just looking for info 0n battles @times my father was wounded and received the bronze star @purple heart around the battle of the bulge floyd c long was his name
Billy J. Boneybillyjackboney@gmail.comMacon, GA 31201
My father Bill J. Boney from Macon, GA was a 327th Engineer with the 102nd Infantry Division. I recently found a picture of him on the Lone Sentry Site. Dad is now deceased, but it was a great find to see this picture. If anyone remembers him please email me. I am now a Chief Deputy at the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office in Jeffersonville, Ga. I can be contacted at 478-214-2562.
David R. King. david.king@pcs.k12.va.usCollinsville/VA/USA
Attached is an article I wrote for this past Memorial Day that might be of interest. I am interested in sharing information about the soldiers and units of the 102nd Infantry Division, particularly Echo Company, 405th Infantry. >>> MARTINSVILLE BULLETIN, MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA MEMORIAL DAY Monday, May 28, 2012 By LIEUTENANT COLONEL DAVID R. KING, U.S. ARMY (RETIRED ) I never knew my cousin, Private First Class James K. Robinson. He was killed in action during World War II, one of the 291,557 U.S. battle deaths in that war. In the 1960s a relative who knew of my interest in military history gave me a wallet-size photo of him in uniform, the flag sent to the family in his memory, and his Purple Heart medal. For years I knew very little about James Robinson except that he was buried somewhere in the Netherlands. The photo was probably taken during basic training because there is no insignia on his uniform to give me an idea of his unit or branch. I knew only that he was a soldier. His service and sacrifice in World War II remained a mystery to me for nearly a half century. Around Veterans Day in 2010, I was able to find him on ancestry com as a special opportunity to research veterans in the family. From that search I learned that he was in fact buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial near the town of Margraten. A search of the American Battle Monuments Commission website gave me his exact location: Plot B Row 5 Grave 18. That search also gave me his regiment, the 405th Infantry Regiment, and his division, the 102nd Infantry Division, the Ozarks. In a copy of the division history I found and purchased on the Internet, I located his name and his home address listed on the roster of Company E of the 405th Infantry Regiment. The book also provided an account of the division's operations in World War II. Like most U.S. infantry divisions in World War II, the 102nd was involved in some of the heaviest fighting in Europe. In fact, the Ozark Division was engaged in combat from September 1944 right up to the end of the war in May 1945. I learned from other sources that Echo Company is credited with being the first unit to capture a German ME262 - the first jet fighter used in combat. I've been told that jet is on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with the notation that it was captured by Company E, 405th Infantry. After so many years of wondering, I learned a great deal in a very short time about Private First Classc. James Robinson. I had learned the details of his unit's service, but I never expected to find a person who served in the same unit and who had gone through the same experiences he had endured. In January 2011, I attended a conference for Army Junior ROTC instructors in Myrtle Beach, S.C. On a whim one evening, I did a web search on Company E, 405th Infantry. What I found was a real surprise. In a 2008 newspaper article titled, "Latta Veteran Receives Citadel Degree 64 Years Later," I read about Leonard Cohen, a member of the Citadel Class of 1944, the "Class that Never Was." Cohen and his entire class were drafted in the fall of 1943. As a result, their graduation which would have taken place in the spring of 1944, never happened. Ironically, I remembered passing signs on the way to Myrtle Beach for Latta, S.C. I looked up Leonard Cohen on the Internet and tried calling the number listed with no success. When I returned home, I sent a letter to the address listed for him. A few weeks later, I received a letter from his son telling me that he had moved his father to a retirement home in Atlanta, Ga. He arranged for me to talk to his father a couple of days later. In March 2011, I was able to visit Leonard Cohen and his son, Robert, in Atlanta. Leonard Cohen's memory was very clear. He could recall details about his service that coincided with what I had read in the division history. In fact, he could distinctly remember seeing the ME262 in the hanger the day it was captured, and he could remember the day the division made contact with the Red Army. He could also remember going into combat on April 15, 1945. That date stuck in his mind because it was the day he learned that President Franklin Roosevelt had died three days earlier, on April 12. The 12th was one day after his birthday on 11 April 1924. When the war ended, Staff Sgt. Leonard Cohen returned home to Latta to work in the family clothing store, but he never went back to the Citadel to earn his degree. In 2008, the members of the class of 1944 who did not graduate were given their degrees. In early May of this year while I was attending a meeting at Fort Pickett, I passed by a sergeant whose unit patch caught my eye. Although subdued, I couldn't miss its distinct design - an "O" surrounding a "Z" and an arc around the lower half of the Z - the patch of the Ozark division. I understood the unit had been deactivated right after World War II in 1946. When I asked the sergeant about the patch, the he told me the 102nd Infantry Division had been reactivated in 2007. It is now headquartered at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. ("Ozark" country ), as part of the 80th Training Command. The 94th Infantry Division at Fort Lee, and the 100th Infantry Division at Fort Knox, Kentucky, are the two other divisions that make up the 80th Training Command. After more than six decades, the Ozarks division is back. On Memorial Day, I will take time to remember my cousin, Private First Class James Robinson. I will also remember Staff Sgt. Leonard Cohen, who passed away three weeks ago. I realize I was very fortunate to meet Leonard Cohen. The opportunity to hear firsthand about his experiences in World War II and specifically Company E, 405th Infantry Regiment, gave me a personal glimpse into the life of someone I never knew. The odds of that happening were nearly impossible, but for some reason I was given that chance. It may be as a means to remember and help others remember the services of that generation and the veterans of all our wars. April 15, the day Leonard Cohen remembers going into combat, is also the day James Robinson was killed in action. Born in November 1925, he was 19 years old. Three weeks later, Germany surrendered. James Robinson and Leonard Cohen deserve to be remembered on Memorial Day.
Scott DixonSsparkd@rochester.rr.comOntraio, NY
Father was in 380th Field Battalion in WWII. Ralph A Dixon, Jr. Looking for any info on details of his awarded Bronze Star.
Leigh Warnerleigh@thelwb.comWalnut Creek CA USA
Looking for any info on my grandfather Sgt.John Edward Warner from Iowa. He was in the 407th 102nd. I don't know much else. Anybody help ? ?
Sharon (Gatto ) Mavroffgattoseptic@comcast.netPittsgrove NJ 08318
Proud daughter of Joseph Gatto Jr.from Newfield NJ 102 Inf. 304 Cannon Co. WWII
Jay TownsendCharlottesville VA
Friend of Vaughn Wagnon's who wanted to know more about the 102. Great website! Thanks to all of you 102 and other WWII veterans. My father was a proud navy WWII veteran. JT
Rex W. Andersonrexa15@gmail.comBirmingham, AL , USA
Son of Sgt. Kermit B. Anderson, Military Police Platoon, from Alexander City, AL Dad passed away January 3, 1986. I proudly have his copy of "With the 102d Infantry Division Through Germany".
Alfonso Granataa.granata@claro.net.doDominican Republic
My father, Privet Fist Class John J. Granata served with Company E, 407th, 102nd infantry,32-731-141. He passed away April 25, 2012.
Melissa DufreneSt. Louis, MO
My grandfather, Clarence L Gentemann, served with the 102nd. He passed away when I was two years old. There are a few keepsakes from his service that are a great source of pride to my family and I. Thank you to all that served.
Geneeugene.edwards0719@sbcglobal.netHaslet,tx, USA
TSGT T.E.Stokes, 327th Med. Bn., 102nd ID. Belgium,France, and Germany--My Father, my hero Friday, 13 July 1997
Harold JonesLawrence, KS
Served with L Co., 405th Regiment. Thank you for the work on the web page. It is very nice, and I am pleased to have it.
John Bennjb24eng@aol.comBelleville,Pa.
My father Bruce,379thFA BatteryC. Thanks so much for this site. I know my father was very proud to serve.
Ed Weertsedweerts@xs4all.nlMargraten Netherlands
In my village there is an American ww2 cemetery. we have a grave adoption program for all the soldiers en the men on the wall of the missing. i adopted the one of 2lt John T Mulder 102nd 405th infantry division. is there anybody who can give me some more info on him ? he is MIA neer Beeck Germany. thanks for any help
Phyllis Stern-Weismanpsternweisman@gmail.comUSA
Martin Stern, my Dad
Pat Kaminskipkaminski55@gmail.comDowners Grove , Il
John J Mueller , my uncle
Patrick Davis pad022878@gmail.comPensacola
Lawrence Patterson Jr served with 102nd Jan 1945, Sargent, squad leader. Passed away at age 92, on November 4, 2017. I am his son in law (Patrick Davis ) and wanted to inform his unit. I was very proud of him as I am making a short documentary of his service for YouTube now. Would like to subit later if possible.
Richard Dittonrditton@gmail.comUSA
Pleased to see this development. R Ditton 405 L Company
Adam Gaytonpatty.gayton@yahoo.comUSofA
I wish to thank the Web Masters, Contributing Authors and Research Assistants for taking the time to keep these sacred memories alive! The site is fantastic and is a true Memorial to the Men and Women who served our Nation in a great time of need. We shall never see the likes of these people again.
H. V. Wagnon, Jr.hvwjr23@comcast.netUSA
Testing the new Guestbook to see how well it works. I am thrilled to have this new link and look forward to any and all who take advantage of it and "sign in". Thanks to Tim Myers our Webmaster. Yours truly, --- Homer (Vaughn )