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The following photos were sent to us by Karen Moore, of Little Rock, Arkansas.

She writes: “My Uncle, PFC James Raymond Cunningham, KIA 17 Nov 1944 in Immendorf, Germany and was originally buried in the US Military Cemetery at Margraten, Holland, Plot A, Row 5, Grave 113.

After the War, my Great Grandparents had him moved to the States and re-interred in the US National Cemetery in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, Sec 2, Grave 667. ”

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The following photos were sent to us by Linda Christy.

She writes: “My name is Linda Christy. My father was in the 102nd. He was with HQ during WWII in the G-3 Unit. My father's name is Raymond Fox. He passed in 1982. Among his possessions are a few pictures I thought you may be interested in. He was Maj. General Keating's secretary and later on, moved to become Alonzo Fox's secretary, responsible for much of the typing of the 102nd history book General Fox was tasked with documenting. I have a great picture of F. M. Montgomery's briefing to the top brass of our Army including Omar Bradley-and the personal piece is my dad taking notes at the end of the row. The briefing was on Operation Market Garden.”

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Briefing from FM Montgomery -Operation Market Garden Gens. Omar Bradley, Gillem, Simpson and Fox. My dad, Raymond Fox, (no relation to Gen. Alonzo Fox) is taking notes top left of screen.

My Dad - Raymond Fox

Maj. Gen. Keating awarding Bronze Star. My dad, 2nd from right after Keating

This picture is labeled “Gotha”

Gardelegen Nazi Atrocity

Celebratory dinner

Dad in middle

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