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A note on Old Photos from the webmaster: Although we occasionally will add photos brought to our attention to this section, we cannot possibly accomodate all requests to do so. As much as we'd love to add each and every one sent our way, we kindly ask that you consider joining the 102ID Group (Yahoo) to post your photos and to interact with other members. Thank you for your understanding!

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Paul Rentz (son of Clifford Rentz) recently sent us this photo of the 102nd Military Police platoon.
As Vaughn says, these were guys you were glad to have around!

You can see more of Paul's photos here.

Photo of B Company, 327th Engineer Combat Battalion, 102nd Infantry Division
Camp Swift, Texas 1944

Over 30 soldiers of B Company have been identified by 2nd Platoon member Dick Funk.
The photo has been divided into 4 parts. Click on a thumbnail for full size view.

Identification key is below the thumbnails.
If you recognize anyone and would like to add their name, please contact:

Dick or Laurie



Robert Wolfe sent us this photo of Cannon Company, 407th Inf Regiment, at Camp Swift, TX

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From left to Right: Pfc Sobocinski, Pfc Ruff, Lt. Wittmer, Capt. Wise, MD
2nd Bn, 405th
March 1945
Somewhere on the offensive between the Rhine and Elbe rivers

Ruff and Milewski
somewhere between the Roer and Rhine Rivers

S-2 SECTION, 2nd Bn Hqs Co, 405TH REGT.

Stendal, Germany, April 1945
(left to right)
Front row: Socha, Milewski, Cohen
Back row: Jennings, Pitts, Ruff, Sobocienske, Schoen

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